Chipping Process


 Obtaining of wood supply.

Storing and reclaiming chips.

Receiving, storage, maintaining and managing log storage facilities and residual chip and fibre materials.

Hogging and storage of bark.

chipping and screening of logs to chips.


Products & Services

  • The Generals offers a full range of integrated fibre services including, wood chipping, operations, marketing, trading and transporting. Over the past 2 years, The Generals has grown to become one of the largest independent processors of wood chips in Swaziland. We process approximately 40 000 tonnes of wood and bark annually into high quality wood chips and residual fuels. The Generals will establish a biomass production plant in Nkambeni area so that we increase our volume and independently supply our clients with confidence and quality as we have secured a long-term arrangement with the community. We are bringing employment opportunities to the masses while we keep families intact.

  • The Generals is developing waste to energy plant in Matsapa Town Council to generate and supply electricity under a long-term contract with the municipality. Together, these businesses provide a complementary and strategic platform for diversified growth and leadership in the expanding global wood fibre industry and energy sector.

  • We provide business development consultancy services to various business entities in the industry.

  • In May 2014, The Generals purchased chipping equipment from Kusile Africa Holdings and became the only independent processor of wood fibre besides sawmills. The company maintains a solid reputation as a producer of high quality wood chips and energy services to a diversified customer base in Swaziland. The Generals processes approximately 40,000 tonnes of wood and bark annually into wood chips and residual fuels at its onsite wood chipping mill located in Mhlume Sugar Mill. From its partners sawmill we supply wood chips to customers beyond RSSC.