Safety & Environment


The Generals is committed to sustainable practices. We employ good practices throughout the value chain, from procurement to processing, to ensure that each ton of wood chips we produce meet the highest sustainability standards.

  • Our timber suppliers have employed scientifically proven methods to ensure long-term life on their forest and we are reaping the rewards;

    Sustainable forest management ensures:

    Best-in-class harvest practices
    Wildlife habitat management
    Endangered Species and Featured Species Management
    Maintenance of First Nation cultural values
    Long-term fibre supply
    The country’s stringent legislative and policy framework to safeguard forest sustainability means that forest companies operating in the region meet standards established by any third-party forest certification system, including the following internationally recognized certification systems:

    • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
    • Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI)


Compliance is Our Priority
The Generals solid record of performance as a contract chip supplier is reflected in our safety and environmental compliance records. We have industry- leading customers who rely on our safe and

  • environmentally compliant operations to ensure consistent, on-time supply of woodchips. Our safety standards and programs are designed to exceed required standards and our low incident rate proves it. Our environmental compliance programs are designed to maintain operations in full compliance with client and government regulations. Through our comprehensive 5-stage program, The Generals has proudly achieved a safety record with less than half the incidents than the industry standard.

    We have a comprehensive program of training, review, inspections and incentives that all work together to create a safe working environment.

    We pride ourselves in setting a standard of zero accidents, incidents and injuries as a goal for our operation and work hard to maintain those standards.

Social Responsibility

Building up and cultivating sustainable relationships with different stakeholder groups is an important factor contributing to the company’s long-term success. We integrate with the society we live in through support system to the community.

  • system to the community. We are proud to be part of RSSC Siyakha 180 which has encouraged active participation of the youth in a soccer program to foster and develop talent at grassroots level. We are official sponsors of Mhlume Peacemakers FC as one of the 11 teams in the RSSC Siyakha program at both under 13 and senior team. We see this as intervention on the youth not to indulge in drug abuse during their spare time.